Preferred Energy Solar Energy Division

Preferred Energy works in partnership with Sundial Energy Group to offer customers turn key solutions in solar energy production. Our team has carefully designed and engineered a Single Pole Mount and Bench Mount solar rack that can withstand our Saskatchewan wind.  

Our mandate was to solve a major problem that we see everyday in our industry..... low quality, under engineered racking for our provinces extreme wind loads. We have solved this without increasing the price of your solar installation!

Contact us for a personal consultation to review your solar needs and start saving money today!  Sask Power has incentives to cover 20% of your project costs! Let us show you how to take advantage!


100% Saskatchewan Built Products

Sundial - Single Pole Mount (SPM)

Sundial - Single Pole Mount (SPM)

Sundial - Single Pole Mount (SPM)


Specially designed to withstand the strong winds of Saskatchewan, the Sundial SPM (single pole mount) is easily tilt-able for all seasons to maximize power output.  The SPM is built 100% out of structural grade steel and with long lasting epoxy coatings.  We guarantee our products to withstand the lifetime of your panels with a 25 year warranty. All welded construction with Saskatchewan CWB journeyman welders.  We stand behind our quality of workmanship.  Longi bi-facial panels increase the efficiency per sq/M to allow for maximum output with the smallest footprint.  Coupled with Huawei inverters our grid tied systems are future ready for battery pack connectivity. 

Sundial - Bench Mount

Sundial - Single Pole Mount (SPM)

Sundial - Single Pole Mount (SPM)


SPM's are not for every application so we have designed a fully structural steel grade welded bench mount rack that can withstand the Saskatchewan wind unlike our competitors.  We have carefully designed the strongest modular rack that can be easily customized for your location.  Our bench racks are 100% fully welded with no bolting.  They are welded directly to our steel piles that are concreted into the ground.  Our welders are all journeyman CWB certified and we guarantee our products for the lifetime of the panels.


Completed Projects

68 Panel System Sundial SPM (Single Pole Mount)

68 Panel System Sundial SPM (Single Pole Mount)

68 Panel System Sundial SPM (Single Pole Mount)


This installation was the first Sundial SPM that a client added to their existing system.  What a great comparison to see the Sundial SPM directly beside the competition.  Our crews installed all four SPM's and were able to see the quality and strength difference first hand on the new Sundial SPM.

66 Panel Sundial Bench Mount System

68 Panel System Sundial SPM (Single Pole Mount)

68 Panel System Sundial SPM (Single Pole Mount)


Two tier Bench Mount Rack installed on a Saskatchewan farm.  This system was installed on steel pile foundation with concrete.  The rack is welded 100% to the piles and can withstand the strongest winds know in Southern Saskatchewan.


Solar Map

Solar Energy In Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan has an incredible amount of annual Solar Energy to be grasped! 

The south can reach up to 1400 kWh /kW/yr. This is the highest in Canada!

SaskPower Net Metering


Trusted Partners


Longi Solar - An introduction to an industry leader

LONGi Solar is a world leading manufacturer of high-efficiency  mono-crystalline solar cells and modules. The Company, wholly owned by  the LONGi Group (SH601012), has focused on p-mono for 19 years and is  today the largest supplier of mono-crystalline products in the world,   LONGi Group has plans to  reach 45 GW mono-crystalline wafer production capacity by 2020.