Construction Services

ASME B31.3 /B31.1 / CSA Z662 Pipe Fabrication


Specializing in stainless and carbon welding with a variety of weld procedures to meet our clients needs.  SMAW, GMAW, GTAW

CWB Certified Structural Steel Fabrication


We employ multiple journeyman CWB certified welders that have vast experience with  large skid packages, landings and railings, structural supports and small intricate designs.

Gas Plant & Oil Battery Construction


In the past 10 years our crews have completed large contracts including entire Gas Plant sites, Oil Battery builds, live facility upgrades, civil and underground utility work.

CSA Z662 Pipeline


Our crews have completed large steel pipeline tie ins during critical facility outages. Projects were completed on time and on budget.  Our crews are also highly experienced with fibreglass pipe system installs and tie ins.

Automated Robotic B31.3 Pipe Fabrication


Our fabrication shop has tested and tuned our Robotic pipe welder significantly increasing production of stainless 316L and carbon steel pipe ranging from 3" to 42" pipe diameters with varying thicknesses.  Automatic and semi-automatic weld procedures designed for our clients specifications and requirements.

Pressure Vessel Construction, Repair and Alteration


Our Stoughton fabrication shop is certified by Tsask to construct, repair and alter pressure vessels under ASME section VIII Div.I 

Our welders and crews have completed onsite vessel repairs and nozzle additions with implemented QC procedures including bake outs and inspections.